Odessa seaport handled 1513.7 thousand tons of cargo in July 2013


According to the operative data of the service economy and finance of the Administration of the Odessa sea port, the volume of cargo processed at the berths of the port of Odessa in July this year amounted to 1513.7 thousand tons, 240 thousand tons less than in the same period last year. In general, over the 7 months of this year turnover of 11,987.1 tons ("minus" 2891 tonnes of January-July 2012, or 80.6%).

In this case, the backlog of dry cargoes small: just 3.2 percent for the month as well as by increasing the last 7 months.:
- July: 1194.6 thousand tons ("minus" 28 thousand tons or 97.7% compared to July 2012)
- January-July: 9658.5 thousand tons ("minus" 311.9 thousand tons or 96.9% over the same period last year).

The significant growth of transshipment tonnage for 7 months of the current year fixed by the following nomenclature:
- Containers: 3628.3 thousand tons (123.9% over the same period last year);
- Ore in bulk: 1612.2 thousand tons (118.4%);
- Citrus fruits, bananas: 141.7 thousand tons (133.2%).

With respect to bulk cargoes situation has not changed: the last 7 months of this year, about half of the revised volume in 2012 on bulk figure for July - 319.1 thousand tons ("minus" 212 thousand tons, or 60.1%), In January-July - 2328.6 thousand tons ("minus" 2579 tons, or 47.4%).

As has been reported, a significant drop of liquid bulk in Odessa port due to the reorientation of Kazakh origin of petroleum products to the Russian Black Sea ports. The latter, in turn, due to the difference in levels of railway tariffs in force in the transportation of goods from Kazakhstan to Ukraine and within the countries of the Customs Union.

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